Apricot Computers Inc. Technology

We are proud to offer the latest technological solutions! Providing our valued customers the best solutions to access the Internet. We are now able to provide access in a safe, secure, and affordable platform. Our team has spent years pioneering what we consider all an inclusive bundle to get online. Harnessing the power of WiMax (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access). WiMax is a wireless solution that has grown over the past 10-15 years. WiMax allows our team to transmit data over the air. Cloud computing has been around for many years. Thanks to large organizations. The ability to scale to what you want is possible. Building a product that fits your exact requirements relies on choosing what you want in data storage, speed. Web resources. The web is now a platform. The archaic disk operated systems are a thing of the past. Installing programs, computer freezes, incompatibility of hardware, all contribute to a dislike for the computing experience. Apricot Computers Inc. transcends to a higher level of using the power of the web.
The information on current technological advancements will interest you. Knowing what we value is important. The information below is by no means all-inclusive. We want to share the major pillars that support our company.

We Believe in a Free Internet!

Apricot Computers Inc. aims to provide all our customers with the greatest online experience. We do not prevent the ability of customers to access any part of the Internet. With our wireless services we unleash the biggest change in the 21st century. Our team permit the use of our services for browsing the Internet and much more! We encourage you to use email, download legal content, surf the web for content. There may be times where inappropriate activities surface. If you witness or observe such activities we urge you to contact us via this website. Or through the channels found on our Contact Us page.

We believe in a free and open Internet that’s safe for people all over the world to partake of. The beauty of such a system will allow the right choices to happen. As an Internet Solutions Hub we have services and products available with different charges. Simply, the more faster and more data used will equate to a more expensive monthly charge than those with less usage.
Apricot Computers believes in not blocking applications, imposing harsh usage limits, or engaging in reductions in the customers ability to push the Internet to the limit. We have an “open pipe” methodology. Using the best effort to ensure all our clients have a secure, affordable, and reliable online experience.

Data traffic is very informative. The activities that surround this information, we believe is very private and will not be sold or sent to any external organization. Traffic is not kept in a way that could be used to reveal customer information. We at Apricot Computers also believe in providing the best data transmission speed for its service. Third-party websites are not affiliated with Apricot Computers Inc. The company cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy of test results obtained through data speed measurement sites. These are ideal speeds and actual speed could be different from those purchased. We try and make the best effort to reach those data transmission rates. Only mobile network devices and data rates are provided by Apricot Computers. More information about the specific devices approved for use on Apricot Computers network can be found by contacting the manufacturers.