Apricot Computers is an Internet Solutions Hub (ISH) bringing high-speed Internet, mobile network devices and cloud solutions in one online accessible website. To many geographic areas.We began in 2011 and realized how important providing more services to clients who are still unsure of getting connected to the Internet. Offering scalable technologies we can lower the cost of hardware and software. Sign up today!
Fixed Wireless is the process of connecting your mobile network device to our network. Apricot Computers partners with agencies who provide fast Internet. To then get you connected faster and cheaper.
You don’t need a phone line. Or any physical wired data connections. You do not need any satellite equipment. We do not employ Bluetooth to connect to the Internet. Neither do we use typical cell-phone or mobile cellular connections.
Apricot Computers can get very fast. We are able to transmit data in the 10’s to hundreds of megabits per second. In comparison, dial-up modems do not exceed 56kbps. Actual speeds are closer to 24Kbps.
Pricing varies determined on what you want. Our aim is not to charge high up-front costs. We instead charge based on the amount of data used on a monthly basis. How fast you want to get that data per month. What type of mobile network hardware you want built. We have examples to provide pricing based on what your needs are. Unlike traditional mobile data bundles. We shy away from selling X MB / month. We realize that you may not use all of that data and don’t wantto charge extra. You get what you pay for everything. That simple. Your in control of adding or reducing services from within your online account.
Apricot Computers standard equipment is designed to connect a custom designed mobile network device. No software is required for your equipment. You can though, install 3rd party “apps” or applications. These are not affiliates of Apricot Computers. They default software will allow you to get you surfing the web in no time.
The equipment Apricot Computers provides is compatible with Apricot Computers products and services. Anywhere you go in the city you can use your device.
We do not offer web hosting services. Email addresses such as “”. Will need a provider that is not affiliated with Apricot Computers.
Data storage will also need to be setup with a 3rd party provider. If you choose to store your information in a secure environment.
Our clients can be served throughout the world. Excluding areas that are in remote, dangerous, orgeographically exclusive. Customers that are within typical rural or urban areas can be connected. Please use our contact us page for services.
Basically, our wireless connections have a tough time going through buildings, hills and thick trees to provide signal. Extreme weather can also pose difficulty. Special services may be neededin the event these scenarios arise. If extreme rain, sleet, hail, or snow, or extreme heat obstruct the signal a service technician may need to be contacted.
NOTE: Apricot Computers recommends that all mobile network devices use a trusted cloud data storage provider for your data needs at all times.
Apricot Computers offers a no contract, immediate cancellation policy. For any reason you are dissatisfied with your services you can stop. Please login to your account and select the cancel link. The month you do cancel, the following billing duration will stop.
i.e. If I cancel on December 3rd. The time December 4th through month of January 1st will not incur any charges.
Customers will be required to abide by the terms set forth in the user contract and additional policies set forth by Apricot Computers. Apricot Computers reserves the right to change the contract at least 15-days advanced notice to customers. Apricot Computers reserves the right to add, remove or change any and all items (including pricing) on this website at any time as we deem necessary.
If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, please contact us by write, phone or email! (Email is the quickest and fastest)
Apricot Computers Inc. 7257 NW 4th BLVD Suite 305 Gainesville, FL 32607
Contact Us:
Apricot Computers is only available after activation by customers who reside in the areas in which Fixed Wireless coverage exists. Your principal address must be within our service area. To check whether you reside in a service area please visit the “Support Me” page. To be eligible for Apricot Computers services, you must complete the application at the Sign-Up page.
Your account will remain active as long as you continue to use Apricot Computers services. Your account will be accessible online as long as you don’t select to close it. Or there is a violation in Apricot Computers terms and policies. You the customer are responsible for handling any relevant and current information within your account. Emailing, calling or writing to our physical address could delay updates to your account. It is expedient to make changes via the website.
Very simply. To use a mobile network device a purchase of the hardware must first take place. This can be done through Paypal or with our online website. In order to pay your monthly data service or additional features, you must add money to the cash balance of your Apricot Computers account.
You add money to the cash balance of your Apricot Computers account by using one of our methods.
(1) registering your credit/debit card or PayPal account (a “registered payment method”),
NOTE: Sales taxes apply.
Auto-payments can be subscribed for as well. By registering for Auto-pay, you agree to have the Auto-pay amount you have selected deducted from your credit card, debit card or PayPal account and added to your Apricot Computers account.
You can set up, modify, or cancel your Auto-pay preferences at
Account history is the best place to get information in the past. For the previous 2 months. The online website will be your portal to access such information. Please point your browser to Login with your username and password. Select your account. Wecan also fax or mail you a printed copy detailing account history. By sending a written request to Apricot Computers or calling. Please view our contact page.
NOTE: You will be assessed a 1500Ksh processing fee for this service, If you have de-activated your Apricot Computers service.
Simply yes. We assess taxes and government charges based on our pricing.
We are not a typical mobile data cellular provider. Apricot Computers provides a hub to connect all your data services. This differs from typical cellular or mobile businesses. Downloads and various activity within your mobile network device is outside the scope of Apricot Computers. Apricot Computers simply provides the resources to gets you connected. Each day you access Internet is your personal activity. We do not monitor or spy on the records of your personal Internet usage.
For more information on privacy please review our terms and policies.
You may check your account balance at any time for free. We do not charge anything that has not been explicitly depicted on the website. There are no setup fees. The moment you get your mobile network devices, have activated your account, you are ready to get online.
No termination fees or hidden charges. Certain hardware may be charged outside of normal products. International calls are billed at the international per minute rate for the country you are calling plus your standard airtime rate. International rates vary. Visit your mobile website for additional rates.
Apricot Computers does everything to make you a satisfied client. There may be times where a bug, glitch may appear or even a human error. If this is the case where a true error has taken place and affected charges to your account, you must notify us immediately. This must be done no later than within 60 days after the charge appears on your account. Contact Apricot Computers and one of our team members will investigate your claim. If you do not notify us, within this 60 day period, you waive any right to dispute the charge, including in arbitration or a court proceeding.. We will however credit, or provide other compensation to you if we determinethat the disputed charge was truly inappropriate and was raised by you in a timely manner. If we credit or provide other compensation to you to settle a disputed charge, you agree that the disputeis fully and finally resolved and not subject to further legal or court proceedings.
NOTE: We are not liable for any charges for products or services provided by third parties through and for use on our network, regardless of the date on which you report it. If an unauthorized or disputed charge for a third party product or service appears on your statement, you must contact that third party directly. Third party contact information is maintained by that particular entity. Our company is not directly affiliated with these companies directly.
If your mobile network device is lost or stolen, you are responsible for this activity. If you purchased an insurance plan or the product is still under warranty then the insurance provider or manufacturer will need to be contacted directly.
Apricot Computers will not be able to reimburse you for a new device. Please be aware of the insurance plan policies you have selected from your account sign-up process. You must notify Apricot Computers or the insurance provider of the loss of your mobile network device by visiting our website (
Our home portal Uniform Resource Locator (URL) “” is the address of where you access all your online activity. This webpage is what will house all our communication and data for you to use Apricot Computers products and services. We provide this URL for your use and is and will remain under the control of Apricot Computers. You will have your own website to handle account information and details to use your account. We may at times give the URL to another customer without telling you if you cancel your service with Apricot Computers, or if your account expires and is deactivated. We may also change your Home Portal URL at any time, we may or may not notify you of this prior change. In the event this URL does change, no harm or impact to your data will take place.