Internet Solutions

At Apricot Computers, we view our customers being the most important part of our team. Today there’s so much information surrounding ICT. Many people can become confused on getting to their goal. Apricot Computers provides what we consider “ISH” which stands for Internet Solutions Hub. This is different than ISP. An Internet Service Provider, supplies connectivity to the internet.

Our cloud platforms ensure maximum uptime. We had a vision since 2011 to provide people who were unfamiliar with everything surrounding the web. Technologies such as cloud computing, networking, and hardware is a headache to figure out. There are many providers not to mention many things that can go wrong. Apricot Computers wants to help you in your web journey.

Video Surveillance

Apricot Computers is equipped to support any video surveillance requirements. A custom mobilenetworking system can place cameras anywhere. Our hardware design is capable of using cameraequipment that can support IR, Nightvision, HD, and many other technologies. There are many advantages to streaming video over the Internet. CCTV can be very expensive to setup. The signal used by our wireless medium can have greater advantages than hard-wired connections. Video streams can be equipped to support more durable storage means. Saved video will be stored on 3rd part cloud providers storage servers.

Transportation Applications

Let's face it transportation can be very challenging to manage. Apricot Computers has custom solutions to allow vehicular and pedestrian traffic operating effectively. Traffic management systems will rely on hardware designed by our team. The wireless network that is utilized can reduce delays, jams, and most of all cost effectively. By employing Apricot Computers with sucha challenge would eliminate the need for trenching and cabling. Device and location independence allows users to access systems using a web browser. Our customized mobile network devices support numerous configurations

Government Solutions

Providing secure and stable governmental ICT is handled by a team of specialists. Specialized governmental needs do not differ from other services Apricot Computers supplies. Mobility is anincreasing requirement for productivity. We keep your security in mind. Our focus about loss of control over certain sensitive data is at the heart of solutions for this sector. Security is better than traditional systems, since we leverage cloud providers to manage the data center. A professional who devotes resources to solving security issues that many single customers cannot afford.

Classroom Setting

Education is the key for future leaders. We place a great emphasis on equipping anyone in our community with being able to access knowledge. Apricot Computers can support academic institutions in many forms. The digital classroom is a place where learning relies on being connected to the Internet. Apricot Computers can make that possible for your school, college, or university. As an Internet Solutions Hub we are ready to work with you to provide an affordable way to get the campus online. Sustainability is necessary with our improved resource framework.More efficient systems are designed over traditional power consuming 300-500watt desktop computers.

Residential Services

Apricot Computers can provide our technology solutions in the comfort of your home. Indoor connectivity for you to plug into the world can be supported cost effectively. Scalability is necessary for your changing needs. We can provision the resources you and your family can enjoy. Users can select faster speeds on a month-to-month basis. Our team has engineered our services for you. Our cost-effective solutions supersede traditional wired services. Seamlessly integrating every room in your house can be accomplishedwithout tearing out walls or having to keep calling technicians. Your home can remain intact while you enjoy surfing the web. The website will get you started to your dreams.

Enterprise Needs

Every business has one thing in common. It heavily relies on information to compete. Apricot Computers understands this unique need. Apricot Computers can accommodates the professionalnature of our customers by offering corporate services and features. In our challenging markets Apricot Computers can be more agile. Our improvements to users will enable rapid and low cost re-provisioning. Reliability improves through the use of multiple fail-safe sites. Our team makes it suitable for mission-critical objectives. Continuity, disaster recovery, and security is necessary for your business & ours. Most internally managed computer networks cannot remedy outages. ICT and managers have to pay an exorbitant sum when they are affected.