Online Security Page

Today, we are all faced with the hacker threat. Hackers originate from a group or groups of people that can compromise your Electronic or digital systems. The attack upon your assets can cause significant and severe effects. Apricot Computers will do our best to protect your data. Using our consulting services ensures that we use SSL, HTTPS, and SFTP. There are steps to take to protect yourself. Your efforts are needed to keep your valuable information secure while operating online.

Components of a secure online experience: Apricot Computers does support the following items.Apricot Computers fully supports the above security measures. Each of these resources have been setup to work on our networked systems. Apricot Computers and it’s representatives cannot support certain modifications to your purchased equipment. Please contact the respective vendor to obtain further support. Thank You.


Firewalls are great pieces of software and/or hardware to secure your machine. It works by ensuring that trusted data passes in and out of your network. We build this into every component in our network. Unlike PC's & Mac's you would be required to setup and install one. No need to go out and purchase one while at Apricot Computers.

Anti-Virus Tools

Another solution Apricot Computers provides on our network. Hackers can create problems to PC's & Mac's and even mobile devices by generating software that can reveal private or personaldata. Earlier, insecure methods of security would force you to install anti-virus software. We stillhave to be vigilant against new viruses. Apricot Computers ensures any data stored on a cloud network maintains the latest anti-virus software.


Spyware software can monitor activities and connects to another computer to report your activities secretly. Most PC's and Mac's are plagued with this type of threat. The most shocking fact is that it's done without your knowledge! At Apricot Computers this activity is highly unprofessional and unethical. Spyware for the most part does not damage the data integrity of your system. Although, it can negatively impact performance overtime. Since our infrastructure relies on a secure transmittal of data. Apricot Computers has minimized the Spyware threat.

Content Filter

Content filters block certain websites, spam, electronic messages, images, videos and other media. While filtering out all problematic data is impossible. Content filters can help greatly. Apricot Computers provides such filtering to be performed for our valued users. By launching these web applications on your mobile device, you control what you do not want to see. 3rd-party tools can be obtained from the Internet and setup on your system.