Referral Program

Referral Program

Apricot Computers allows you to get paid! Word-of-mouth about using Apricot Computers secure, reliable, and affordable services is what most people want. Guess what? You can tell them about it. Our Refer-a-Friend program allows you to be a promoter. Apricot Computers makes it quick and simple. Sign-up online for free. This is your time to engage customers. Spread the good news on great offers to family and loved ones. Refer-a-Friend is our method to deliver more valued customers to the Apricot Computers family.


Please note that Apricot Computers Refer A Friend Program includes Terms and Conditions. As a participant you acknowledge these T&C’s including other Apricot Computers Terms and company policies.

Be a Master Referral!

Now is your time to master the art of the referral. Get everyone you come in contact with everyday to sign up and useApricot Computers. The wireless Internet market is growing as we speak. Be involved ,engage people, promote a mobile lifestyle!

Social media has a big role to play in this activity. Referring friend in our program can allow you to reduce your monthly bills and much more. Engagement with employees, customers, sales teams, students,and other groups can promote you on a monthly basis. Be the influencerin your neighborhood.

Interact and Excel!

Most people underestimate how regular emails make an impact on people. Don’t limit the everyday tools you use in your personal life. Apricot Computers influencer make and shape our great company. When your on this referral journey, we would be delighted to hear your experiences . Please send us messages, poston our social media sites, and most of all email us telling us about the action. You can do so exclusively at

Spread messages, Apricot Computers reminders, and other notifications, to your closestfriends! Plus as a committed referral professional your free to use the most popular and creative ways to do so. You can create a quick website using lowcost tools, email, and verbal communications.

Be Social!

Whether your in the car, bus, or walking down the street. Our interactions help to stay connected with each other. Apricot Computers referral program participants can othersto not just sign-up for Apricot Computers wireless monthly plans. You can invite more peopleto our refer-a-friend program. Just think of your team sitting down at your favoritecoffee shop sending emails, your Facebook page, and sharing images to Pinterest.The creative spark comes to life with Apricot Computers program. You can chat with your desktop, laptop, tablet, and of course Apricot Computers mobile network device. Let’s thank youyour community for supporting a way for you to grow socially!

We Support You!

We support your efforts in being part of Apricot Computers! Refer-a-friend encouragesyou to keep up the great work! We give you dedicated support who understands your role along side our growing Internet Services Hub.They are very knowledgeable about this program inside and out. If you have issues and concerns the program management team will provide the best care possible. Allowing you to fits your goals with ours is the top priority. Answering questions whenever they arise will help you deal with any obstacles should they emerge. You will be backed by atrusted and true Apricot Computers client whenever you contact our team at: admin@Apricot